Welcome to Brunei Engineering, Logistics and Training Solutions

Welcome to Brunei Engineering, Logistics and Training Solutions

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About Us

Incorporated in 1987 and previously known as Royal Brunei Technical Services, BELTS is a Government Linked Company that partners with stakeholders in public safety, healthcare, national security, and defence. We focus on procurement, project management, solution development, and supply chain management.

Over the years we have been supporting defence and security agencies to achieve and maintain their capabilities. Today, we are expanding into medical supply chain management and emergency response.

Our Transformation Journey Through Hijrah 35


As a GLC, While we strive for commercial success, our trajectory will always be in sync with Wawasan 2035, recognizing the pivotal role we play in bolstering the Whole of Nation approach.

Professional growth

Deliver stakeholder value through sustainable business Growth

Our commitment is to deliver stakeholder value through sustainable business growth.

Career development

Have highly performing and talented individual

Our team comprises highly performing and talented individuals who bring diverse expertise and unwavering dedication to every endeavor.


Be a Smart & Innovate Company

We pride ourselves on being a smart and innovative company that thrives on creativity, agility, and forward-thinking.


Achieve excellence through effective governance

Achieving excellence through effective governance is the cornerstone of our organization’s success.


A Developer of capable local MSME's

We’re dedicated to empowering local MSMEs, providing them with the support and resources necessary for growth and success.

Mentorship program

A Developer of Talents for others

As developers of talents for others, we embrace the role of catalysts in unlocking individual potential and fostering personal growth.


Be a responsible Corporate Citizen

Being a responsible corporate citizen is fundamental to our identity and values.

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BELTS is uniquely placed to exceed customers’ requirements. This makes BELTS the leading acquisition management and systems management service provider in the country.