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BELTS provides our customers with the best training experience, which helps enhance their capabilities, in security and defence.

Training Simulation Centre (TSC)

The Training Simulation Centre (TSC) is a facility designed to offer advanced simulated arms training for the nation’s military and government security agencies.

Central to the TSC is the Small Arms Training Centre, which focuses in military operations-level training, which includes comprehensive marksmanship and judgmental exercises. The setup provides new recruits with highly effective and cost-efficient training to compliment live ammunition practice.

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The Naval Training Centre (NTC) provides comprehensive training services for the Royal Brunei Navy. Since its inception, it has become a naval training institution that offers naval and maritime courses delivered by certified instructors who meet International Maritime Organization (IMO) and NATO Certification Training Standards.

We have successfully certified local instructors through its Localisation Plan Program, which began in partnership with Defense Conseil International Services and Assistance (DCI-SA) in 2016.

Electronics Maintenance Centre

Established under the Public-Private Partnership of Brunei Engineering, Logistics and Training Solutions and the Ministry of Defence.

The Training Simulation Centre is a high-tech facility aimed at providing simulated arms training for the country’s military and government security service agencies.

At the heart of the TSC is the Small Arms Training Centre, which provides military operations level training for Marksmanship and Judgemental training.

This in turn provides efficient and low cost training for new recruits, providing the level of training of live ammunition firing at minimal cost.

Naval Training Centre

The Naval Training Centre is the Premiere Maritime Centre of Brunei Darussalam. Under the Management of BELTS, it provides the groundwork for the establishment of local naval instructors as it moves forward towards 2035 vision of His Majesty for Brunei.

The Naval Training Centre is composed of a professional team with NATO Certification and Masters Degree in various maritime courses, including Certificates in Nuclear Navigation and Safety, Advanced Submariner Course and various maritime courses.

Learn the basic and advance naval training from one of our partners, Defense Conseil International (DCI).